Sqo introduces ‘Pokello ea Liakhela’ range

Reprentative of Sqo, Lungile Matutoane

By Neo Kolane

As part of its tradition of releasing a new collection every season, Sqo Syndicate, a cultured clothing brand from since 2016 inspired by Maluti lifestyle and culture has introduced Pokello ea Liakhela range to Basotho.

Sqo Is an acronym for Style Quality and Originality. Sqo is known for its own style. Besides, the name is usually attributed to Sesotho traditional brew. In fact, that is all what the brand is about, being traditional.

It is an authentic street traditional wear that depicts the culture of the Basotho people.


Pokello ea Liakhela was released at the Boipuso Showcase as part of Spring ’21 capsule composed on headwear, apparel and accessories influenced by recent happenings and depicting Mountain Kingdom flair.

When asked about how the range came about, Sqo representative, Lungile Matutoane explained that Sqo is about localising trends and preserving Lesotho’s urban culture paved by long gone creators 

“The Pokello ea Liakhela design is made up of graphic representation of the shield and fighting stick used by animal herders. Sqo shows a trademark logo arranged to create a beautiful aesthetic and pattern.

“Since our collections are released every season, our in-house designers take their time conceptualizing designs and it takes months to produce the final product.

“Since it is a range, it will span a longer on our shelves as the designs evolve over a period that last longer than the season it was created,” he said.

Lungile disclosed that there are mixed feelings “because Sqo always drops unanticipated designs. He is happy that some people are very excited with the range, but there are also those who like to catch up by requesting sold out items or discontinued range.

However, he felt that people’s choices and tastes are different. It is only when they see the designs that they are caught up.

“We are doing our best to release first local tailor-made range,” he said.

Lungile explained that Sqo wishes to sell out everything and focus on new projects. The ambition is to instil sense to prefer Lesotho’s fashion so as to break into the big sales.

He said that Sqo hopes to empower local tailors so that they can help build a sustainable brand.

For him, Pokello ea Liakhela means to wear or look stylish.

“This range is dedicated to batho ba khabang ka Sqo and local fashion enthusiasts who are always looking fresh with our seasonal collectables.

“Liakhela design pattern is printed on sateen fabric to give the range gloss, elegance and softness. Its patterned with Kupahead, melamu, Lithebe and stones,” Lungile said.

Pokello ea Likahela by Sqo is available only at Shipa online and pop-up stores this festive, they can also contact Shipa sales rep here +266 5731 9347