Platform hypes up musicians


By Neo Kolane

Four fans of art, Nkopane Mojakisane, Brutal Saint, Lebohang Thepa and Bokang Khoarai are giving underrated artists in Lesotho a platform to showcase their talent on a show called Hype Me Up.

Hype Me Up is a platform for upcoming musicians to lay bare their diverse musical talents with a new episode every Thursday at 7.00pm.

It is a season with 12 episodes which ended yesterday with the season finale being performed by T.U.R.K


In an interview with theReporter, the founder of the platform, Nkopane said that there are musicians in Lesotho who are highly recognised at high levels.

Nkopane added that four of them wanted to expose such artists to a platform to prove themselves in just two songs.

The aim, according to Nkopane, is to build much needed recognition for the local talent in the music industry.

“One might think the show is about hip-hop but that’s not the case. it’s all because hip hop heads did not hesitate to be part of the show when they were approached.

“Musicians who do other genres in the country are unapproachable and convincing them to improve their gifts is not easy,” Nkopane explained.

He emphasised that when the four thought of the idea, they wanted multi-diverse music; famo, gospel to mention but a few.

He said the problem is that it is not easy finding such musicians and telling them to feature on the platform.

He explained that some musicians are underrated although they have shown great ability in their performances.

“Since the start of the show however, there have been a few of the musicians who have been approached by big companies.

“Some musicians are telling their testimonies about how music companies are reaching out to them,” he said.

That, Nkopane said is a proof that the platform comes in handy.

He said the platform is getting so much attention as words of encouragement start to pour in abundance.

“I believe we have created a cute mini fan base,” Nkopane said.

As of November 23, Hype Me Up stands on 496 YouTube subscribers.

He said the show was inspired by Colors, a German music performance platform that aims at introducing and showcasing emerging artists’ talent in the form of videos.