By Kabelo Mollo

There is so much going on in the world right now, it’s crazy. It is as though we are not at the end of the year. The old Christmas Carol “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” seems to have been relegated to the scrap heap of pandemic. We’re living through the weirdest episodes. One wonders when the situation will eventually normalize because this new normal that persists continues to be completely foreign.

Social media was abuzz last week with the poor performance of some of our athletes at the AUSC region 5 games. Even I commented on the very poor basketball scores, but now in hindsight it seems team Lesotho performed admirably. A sizeable medal haul has really showed those of us of little faith. I couldn’t be happier to enjoy my helping of humble pie! Though the ministry in charge shouldn’t get too far ahead of its self. The games and our hosting have varied between shambolic and outrageous. Many in the day to day life we lead maintain we should have offered Covid-19 as an excuse for our inability to host the games. Alas, that’s not happened and while we’ve got 48 medals to our name, we also have considerable egg on our faces. As always with our government and politicians, it’s two steps forward, three steps back.

All the while the United Kingdom have decided bigotry is a good way to manage the pandemic. When Boris Johnson and his merry bunch of men decided to put a bunch of Southern African countries on a red list, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they were looking to exclude those with a darker hue. My instinctive response has been and continues to be block them back. It is working effectively for Nigeria and should be a good learning for the rest of the continent. Boris by the way has his own issues, what with his staff having been living their best lives last year at this time when they actually should have been observing Covid-19 protocols like everybody else. I am (not so) secretly hoping this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. UK has a good welfare system, adding one more blonde conservative to it won’t be a bad thing.


Locally the soap opera that is our politics continues to splutter from mundane to ridiculous. One day you’re calling out the ABC for their attempted power play, the next you’re absolutely stunned by their sudden call for a government of national unity. How? What? Why?! As a member of the citizenry you can just feel in your bones this is something of a scramble for resources. Campaigning outside of government is a costly exercise, the way to give yourself the best chance at winning an election is to be using the state’s resources. Anyway, that’s my conspiracy theory. Perhaps they just recognise the error of their ways as a party and think every party ought to have a say. My tongue is firmly in my cheek.

Life, fortunately is much better on the groove front. With global warming deciding to make it’s self especially felt, the weather has been particularly average. This past weekend, thousands of revellers were met by an absolute deluge from the heavens on the day they were meant to dress up in their all white garb and enjoy good music. I’m at an age where the rain would definitely have held me hostage and ensured I didn’t go, but thousands upon thousands simply put their raincoat and waterproof things on, and made their way to the convention centre. Well done to those who will not be deterred by a little precipitation and new variant. Those who’s commitment to a good time supersedes external forces. I’m told a wonderful time was had by most, and that was a sign of things to come…

This is my last column for the year so it would be remiss of me not to pay homage to my principals here at The Reporter who have really allowed me to pen my Big Thoughts without any censorship and with huge lateral leeway in terms of what I might share. It is also right to big ups the whole team at Sky Alpha HD who continue to make me oh so proud in delivering high definition radio and content. My co-host Bella and I on the Big Time continue to enjoy a very decent listenership, and for that I am eternally grateful. Shout out to all our sponsors and partners too who continue to ensure we can serve up a hit show with worthwhile content.  My family continues to be the foundation on which everything is built and I’m eternally grateful for them. My wife is the most beautiful woman inhale ever laid eyes on and has in turn given birth to a perfect specimen that I call my son. As Nelson Mandela once stated “the sun shall never set on so great an occasion”.

Finally, to all the readers of this column and this rag, I wish all happy holidays. May it be equal parts festive and restful. May it be Covid free and generally safe. May you put on only a little weight and come back with untold vigour in the new year.

Big Thoughts. Out…