Company to thrive in 2022

Exclusive Holdings boss Potsoko Lerotholi

By Neo Kolane

Managing director Potsoko Lerotholi founded a clearing and forwarding entity in 2019 after the need for a dedicated, specialized clearing and forwarding company that renders personalized services to importers and exporters in Lesotho.

Exclusive Holdings is a private limited company which owns trades in exclusive clearing and forwarding as a trading license at the moment.

Lerotholi, who is also a founding member of the company, told theReporter that the business entails customs clearing, E-commerce, sourcing, freight forwarding and container carriage as some of the services provided by the clearing and forwarding company.


He also added that the company also imports vehicles from Japan for buyers.

He observed that the company’s performance is so far satisfactory as it has been applauded for being efficient.

He described the company as highly dynamic as it is capable of delivering high quality logistics and sourcing services “with excellence and reliability.”

“Our greatest achievement so far is forming one of the strongest alliances with Chinese manufactures and suppliers of different goods and being able to fill containers at a very short period of time.

“One other outstanding achievement is becoming a pro-buyer on Alibaba

E-commerce platform which makes it very effective to navigate through app and getting quick responses from suppliers and manufacturers,” he said.

The 32-year-old also revealed that Exclusive Holdings is expanding more on logistics by owning different modes of transportation for goods, having offices at all borders of Lesotho and the Durban port.

“Exclusive Holdings is also planning to employ permanent staff before the end of 2022 and offering internship to students from different colleges and universities,” Lerotholi disclosed.

Exclusive Holdings can be found at 28312538/58149327. It operates from LeroMed next to Thamae Clinic in Maseru.