Club 266 – the new rave


By Seleoe Nonyane

Club 266, the newest and most enticing night club was finally opened during the Easter weekend in Maseru.

The club officially opened its doors on Thursday last week and wowed patrons for a full four consecutive nights, having done a ‘soft’ opening the weekend before. 

The club’s operations manager Mamo Mophethi told this publication that this club is the first of its kind to be run in Lesotho after many years.


Tipped to provide adult entertainment, Club 266 is unique as it is the first of its kind in the country.

 “First of all there are no night clubs in the country. Anyone who is familiar with the night club culture should be aware of this,” she said.

She observed that many people in Lesotho are interested in partying, adding that strippers and exotic dancers will add a dance flavour to those with a thing for the night life.

 “Therefore, we bring an entirely different game plan and new experience,” she stated.

Prior to the official launch of the club, Mophethi was in high spirits as she invited people to the launch saying they would expect quality class and top drawer menu which she said would be served.

“We are really here to offer something of a high class quality and people will enjoy themselves to the fullest. We are here to please them,” she said just days before opening.

For entertainment, the club had invited the local entertainers who had been selected as the best to offer excitement and fun.

That, she observed, would promote the local artists who are eager to show their best talent in the music art.

 “We are the change that everyone needs has been waiting for. From our interior to our service, the drinks we went for and food we will offer. Everything is different,” she said.

She admitted that it was not going to be an easy ride as they encountered several hiccups during preparations to establish the club. But the dedicated team brought together their heads to come up with something steamy.

The place was renovated ahead of the opening with the establishment of the beer garden.

 “We also want interested people to sell food stuffs at the site at no cost. We are aiming at people to have good time at our place,” she added.

She explained that the name Club 266 was chosen as the most preferred name as they regard it as her angel number. The angel number 266 is a message from one’s guardian angels, asking you to have faith that your material needs will be met by the Universe while you are on the path of discovering your true path and purpose in this life.