Homecoming for LDF troops

Returning troops on their arrival at Moshoeshoe I International Airport

By Tṧeliso Tṧosane

The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) yesterday welcomed a contingent force who were deployed for nine months under the SADC Mission in Mozambique as part of efforts to combat terrorism acts orchestrated by non-state armed rebels in that country. 

The first batch of 41 soldiers landed at Moshoeshoe I International Airport were welcomed by the minister of defence and national security Halebonoe Setṧabi and the minister in the Prime Minister’s office Likopo Mahase.

They were quickly whisked away to a secret place where they were to be undergo medical assessment and a counselling session after the gruelling experience in Mozambique.


Speaking at the event, Major General Tefo Matobakele commended the troops for their big sacrifice in striving for peace enforcement in Mozambique in Cabo Delgado province despite harsh weather conditions.

He also the Lesotho troops were able to fend off the rebels where were posted, and that a contingent of soldiers had already been sent to the war torn country to restore stability.

“In recent weeks, our troops were on their routine patrol in a forest when they encountered the rebels. They managed to overpower and chased them off,” he concluded.