Comedian embraces Tik-Tok

Comedian Rethabile Motsepe

Rethabile Motsepe, who goes by the stage name Energy, is a stand-up comedian born and bred Maqhena, a small village in the district of Mohale’s hoek.

In an interview with theReporter, Motsepe explained that he landed into comedy not just because it was his first love but, but lack of needed resources forced him to venture into other forms of comedy,

However, he has opened up to doing Tik-Tok videos whereby it is not that different from stand-up comedy.

Here, all he needs is his phone and capture whatever he has scripted down and post it on the platform for everyone to see.


His Tik-Tok videos have started to get momentum from his followers and other users of the app.

His videos have been making rounds on all social platforms where people are being seen sharing his videos in other platforms.

He mentioned that this videos are assisting in promoting the work he does and making him popular.

“Unlike stand-up comedy where it is only a few people who are able to witness my performances these Tik-Tok videos have exposed my talent to a wider audience.

“I plan on creating more comedy content and putting myself out there,” he indicated.

When responding to why he has chosen to venture into comedy the comedian stated that he was raised in church and it was at church where he would find himself at stage hosting events such as weddings and making people laugh.

But it never occurred to him that could be a talent that could be utilized to make a living for himself.

It was only until he was discovered by one of the comedy legends in the country Bofihla ‘Neko famously known as Lilaphalapha, who took him under his wing and groomed him to what he is today.

“My first professional performance was in 2016 in Ficksburg, South Africa where I was invited by Lilaphalapha to perform there and I developed this passion I have today.

“I then started performing at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology events where I completed my studies in broadcasting.

“I even got to perform at the Mr and Miss Limkokwing where I received an award,” he said.

Moreover, his biggest highlight in the comedy industry was when he was gifted the opportunity to perform “at the biggest gig” which was at Cura is 21.

He said this was highly impressive for him because the event was graced with prominent people such ministers and the former first lady ‘Maesaiah Thabane.

He said that his biggest role model is Bofihla ‘Neko and an American comedian Chris Rock.

He confidently stated that he aspires to one day run the biggest comedy television show and aims on going international.

Besides comedy, Energy is a radio presenter and a photographer.