Moahloli shifts from traditional building tech

Ebullience Construction and Design’s founder Reitumetse Moahloli

By Neo Kolane

Construction management graduate Reitumetse Moahloli has resuscitated his business Ebullience Construction and Design which had collapsed for some time.

The business was re-registered in January 2020.

Ebullience Construction and Design offers services like house and landscape planning, construction services and project management.


Moahloli explained that the business assists its clients in offering effective implementation of their projects within its operations.

The 36-year told theReporter this week that the idea came forth after he realised that in Lesotho clay and sand soil are in abundance, accounting for up to 90 percent of the soil in the country.

“I started out using bricks but I realised that there is a certain way of building, using technology I came across with, where cement is not used at all.

“I also learned that according to recent researches there are bricks which are improved compared to the old ones of using bricks and cement which are not environmental friendly.

“A building is costly and labour intensive, so technology has reduced the need for skilled labour and maximized the use of unskilled labour. It has good quality and is faster to build, shortening the construction time,” Moahloli said.

He said the Interlocking technique enhances strength and requirement for mortar which translates into minimization of material costs.

He went on to say that interlocking bricks can be used to build all types of building and it is energy efficient.

The business has so far done interior design in Ha ‘Masana in the district of Maseru.

Moahloli studied construction engineering and management.

According to him what stands out about his business is that it uses interlocking technology.

“The interlocks increase the structural stability of the wall and reduce the amount of cement needed as mortar. The different types of interlocks have different structural purposes and architectural uses,” he revealed.

However, he indicated that Ebullience Construction and Design will soon be manufacturing ecological bricks, which are defined as those whose manufacture does not have as big an environmental impact as that of conventional ones.

Both the type of materials used and their manufacturing process and functionality can determine their strength.

Reitumetse Moahloli can be contacted on +266- 5356 6770