DJ goes it alone

Afro Deejay

By Seleoe Nonyane

One of the more popular local DJs who goes by the name Afro Deejay has divulged plans to embark on a one-man show starting this weekend.

In a post the artist posted on his Facebook, he mentioned that hosting a one-man show has been one of his wildest dreams for a very long time.

He lamented that he always longed to be loved and appreciated by his fellow citizens like they do to international artist.


He is adamant that the dream is not too far-fetched as he is only a few steps away from making it a reality.

In the post, Afro Deejay further stated that he has been killing shows in the presence of international acts and it is time that he travelled across his own country to show the people who never make it to the big city why many people love his brand.

He added that one of his dreams is to perform on bigger platforms in South Africa and across Africa. However, he believes he has the capability to bring international experiences to his people in the mountains while also exporting his talent to the rest of the world.

He will commence the tour this weekend, July 2 2022 at his home town Mafeteng at Eclipse Lounge & CarWash.

The DJ has hosted some of the big events in the country such as the Cooler Box pic, and Sneakers and Denim which have grown very popular through the years.

He will take his next performance to Maputsoe at the Star Night Club on July 9 2022.