Stand up against misogyny and femicide


In the publication Femicide: The Politics of Woman Killing editors Jill Radford and Diana E.H. Russell, say: “There’s no place like home.’ This familiar phrase invokes the image of an ideal: home as safe haven and shelter from the world. For women who have been victims of femicide – misogynist killing by men – these simple words take on a disturbing new meaning.

“There is indeed no place like home for a woman who has died at the hands of a man, because it is there that she was least safe from harm. The threat of violent death for a woman is in fact greatest in her own home. And her killer is likely no stranger, no masked psychopath, but someone who knew her intimately, a companion or former companion, a husband or lover.”

This has never been more true and relevant than now in Lesotho as the country struggles with the ever growing monster and social ill, that is the killing of women.

Hardly a week passes by without reports of a woman who has been killed in cold blood by her partner, someone she trusts, someone she looks up to for protection.


In the light of this, we are unwavering in our support of those who want accountability, those who want the government of Lesotho to through its various arms  which include the police, child and gender protection unit, the ministry of gender, sport, youth and recreation, the prosecution and all courts of the land handling cases relating to femicde, to account to the nation and publicise judgements and court orders related to femicide cases regularly on radio and in other forms of the media.