Technify partners with small businesses

Founder of Technify Thato Rammoko

By Neo Kolane

A technology based company Technify that was registered in 2018 helps businesses to elevate their value through technology based business models.

Technify specialises in digital platforms and software services.

It provides technology based solutions for organisations to minimise costs and maximise performance using technology based models.


The founder of Technify, Thato Rammoko, says the company is the partner of choice for many of Lesotho’s leading enterprises, small medium enterprises and technology providers.

Rammoko further stated that the company can help to maintain and modernise IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues that businesses may face.

The 30-year old information technology specialist said the aim behind Technify was to build technology solutions particularly for small businesses.

He said by small business he meant the ones which have full time technical people.

“We live in a digital era, so business need to go digital. There is a need of transformation for small business to go digital, and for them to go digital, they need to have a full time digital person.

“If someone works on the digital operations full time, the business does not become digital, so Technify says a business does not need a digital person full time but rather need a company that will provide digital support.

“If a business needs digital operations done, Technify is one call away then payment takes place,” Rammoko explained.

Technify has online platforms like Lunchbox which connects restaurants with people that love food.

It has worked with a number of restaurants with that platform like Eats and Meets, Jay restaurant and Mint Lounge.

Technify has also worked with Dust Busters, Goodtimes restaurant and inspires innovation hub to provide its IT services

 Rammoko also revealed that as Technify also aims at   developing online platforms that many businesses and people can plug into to achieve their goals.

However, Technify is currently piloting a platform called Pocket Power that will help students raise funds for school needs. It will be launched in the coming months.

Thato Rammoko can be contacted on +266- 5309 4658