Club to host Kids Got Talent Show

Richard Nkemka (MIDDLE) with his team

By Neo Kolane

Local non-profit organisation, Christian Youth Club Lesotho is giving yet another life changing opportunity to children aged 3-16 years for the Kids Got Talent Show 2022.

Christian Youth Club is dedicated to breaking the cycle of crime, violence, suicidal actions and misconducts among young people.

In an interview with theReporter this week, the director of the Christian Youth Club Lesotho, Richard Nkemka said it is through this talent show that the club wants to celebrate the independence of Lesotho.


Nkemka said the club will also use the avenue to create awareness among the young people about crime, violence and juvenile delinquency in Lesotho and how to deal with them.

“We are having a holistic approach to young people, that is it has to do all with young people; when you a young person, we try to reach out to you.

“We are looking at six categories; dancing, singing, poetry, instrumental, comedy and arts,” he said.

Nkemka explained the procedure saying that the kids will have to register and registration is worth M100 for the participants which will cover the whole activity of what they will be doing.

He indicated that the registration is ongoing and the deadline is on September 10 making it time for auditions and get to do some training so that by October this year they should be well trained.

The event is to be held on October 4 which is the Independence Day.

“As of July 19 2022, 12 children have registered to be part of the talent show.

“The 12 were reached out via their schools, so once schools reopened we will get an opportunity and engage with the learners to let them know about the talent show,” Nkemka explained.

Christian Youth Club Lesotho is known to have hosted the national singing competition last year.