Awards to recognise musicians

Founder of SKYMA Tello ‘Dallas T’ Leballo

By Neo Kolane

Potential stakeholders and prominent artists in the country have seen the need to come up local music awards to acknowledge outstanding musicians, and this will be done with the Sky Music Awards (SKYMA).

It is through SKYMA that exceptional musicians will be acknowledged in the form of an accolade. This will help solicit platforms that will amplify their efforts in striving for significant avenues in creating awareness and turning their art into business.

The first annual SKYMA which is debuted of a benevolent gesture to recognize and appreciate musician is proposed to be hosted on March 25 2023.


This event aspires to be annual, with the campaign running for six months to allow registration and campaigning of different recording artists in their respective categories.

The first annual SKYMA shall be a pilot campaign, with registration opening in September 1 2022 to December 1 2022.

In an interview with theReporter this week, the founder of the Sky Music Awards Tello Dallas T Leballo revealed that the SKYMA will be an independent campaign run by a committee established from prominent individuals within the music and arts industry both locally and globally, in consultation with reputable and music and arts agencies.

Having been in the entertainment industry for his entire life, Dallas T is convinced that the music industry in Lesotho is met with visible challenges, especially in areas of business as the industry is in dire need of entrepreneurial moulding and refurbishing.

He said countless efforts have been in place to help put the fraternity at a desired level; however, these efforts also need support from the corporate and public sector.

“Lack of financial muscle to propel these notable talents is one major obstacle for these acts to be recognized substantially, whereas the state of talent is clearly competitive, even at a global scale.

“To ensure all parties play their role to create productive avenues for these acts, high profile and significant musical events and other related activities are greatly necessary.

“SKYMA aspires to be one of the pioneers of that, with a motive to go the extra mile in achieving best results to ensure that the industry’s growth is visible, with fruitful results for struggling artists, Dallas T emphasised.

The radio enthusiast emphasized that one of the benefits of the SKYMA to musicians is to solicit avenues for financial assistance.

“It is our ultimate intent to raise monies to help struggling artists to expand their music, their business, their personal lives.

“It is with this money that these musicians will be expected to come up with video recording studios and other improved studio infrastructure that benefit them in many ways

The digital radio pioneer mentioned that it is SKYMA’s primary plan to provide assistance on other technical matters pertaining to music, as well as the business side of it.

“We have initiated the concept of affiliating ourselves with professionals in the industry so that participants always receive advice, mentorship and direction.

Dallas T said the submissions shall be both physical to 93 Kharetsana Street, Mohalalitoe, Maseru or Cuban Linx Clubs both in Maseru and Hlotse and online submissions on

“All submissions will be scrutinized by a panel of judges who are experts in these fields.

“The process will also be amplified by radio segments where listeners will be asked to vote, live on air, for their favourite artists,” he said.

SMS, WhatsApp and social media votes will apply in the following categories:

Best Compilation Project

Best Urban Contemporary Artist

Best Hip-Hop Act

Best Traditional Project

Best Dj

Best Afro- Pop Project

Best Gospel Project

Best Newcomer

Best Music Video

Best Digital Hustler

Song of the Year

Since the Lifetime Achiever is a special award; the selection committee, under advisement from the general public through social media interaction and radio votes will deliberate the most deserving recipient, base d on SKYMA objectives, theme and other reasons known to the committee.