Company builds trust in local products

GreativeHub workers with some of the products of the company

By Neo Kolane

A few years ago, a team of five Basotho realised that there is lack of trust in locally created products and therefore founded a company GreativeHub that would answer the needs and demands that seemed to be lacking.

Among the owners at GreativeHub there is a project developer, designer, fabricator, accountant and engineer.   

The business is based at Sebaboleng (Lakeside) BEDCO Room 47.


GreativeHub provides these services:  fabrication, design gates, staircases, balustrades, architectural elements and furniture designs.

Speaking to theReporter, the creative director of GreativeHub Bokang Mokoma explained that at GreativeHub, the team develops and manufactures a range of unique products for residential and commercial applications. 

He said they have an in-house design, team which comes up with its own concepts and develops them to meet the needs of client. such as architects, construction companies, the government and corporate businesses.

GreativeHub comes to a client’s aid, no need to worry about not finding the right person for a client’s projects. All that one has to do is to inform GreativeHub about the ideas and it achieves everything.

“We also develop and manufacture a range of unique products for residential and commercial applications,” Mokoma said.

Having felt the need to produce unique and professional products that will be exported to other countries, GreativeHub’s background of industrial art contributes as the product it makes is art.

It focuses on making pieces that are artistic, functional and most of all beautiful, thereby making every client happy.

“Our attention to detail speaks for itself because we have quality control personnel among our team members.

“Of course, no one is without flaws, and from the mistakes we have made, we try to learn and grow from them,” he expressed.

Mokoma also disclosed that the team adds a touch of personality and distinction to a client’s home with GreativeHub fence and gate panels which are designed and locally made to exacting standards.

“Our products are individually tailored to suit each customer’s unique requirements, so we allow our clients to choose from our range of organic, graphic and geometric patterns or have our design office develop a beautiful pattern to suit the desired look.

“GreativeHub provides a complete end-to-end service that includes on-site measurement, pattern design, fabrication and installation. Our screens and panels offer individual solutions to décor, privacy and fencing.

“Precision and versatility of material cutting allows us to produce amazing inlays for floors walls and signage. We extend our cuttings services to projects of all sizes.

We believe that we must keep up with the times we live in, which is why we have the latest technology in the field,” Mokoma said.

Bokang Mokoma can be contacted on +266 6202 3947