Moipone Fleet Lesotho making waves


Moipone Fleet Lesotho puts a premium on excellence, which it believes is an imperative requirement in its quest to position itself as one of the leading players in the fleet industry.

Established in 2017, Moipone Fleet Lesotho is a vehicle leasing and fleet management business. It offers services such car rentals, full maintenance lease, operating lease, finance lease and managed maintenance, in addition to fleet monitoring and consultancy.

In its few years of trading, the company has made great strides in the industry and continues to grow.

Administrative officer, ‘Malereko Mandoro, says some of their clients are in the Lesotho government, for instance the ministries of communication and education.


Mandoro said Moipone Fleet Car Hire allows clients to maintain and operate fleet while the company carries the risk of ownership. The main objective is to acquire a vehicle for your business on a short-term basis. This option excludes cover maintenance and repairs costs, but can be included on request.

“Our van rental services are both affordable and convenient. We offer clients the opportunity to choose between short term and long term rentals. Our short term rentals or daily rentals allow clients to rent vans for a period no longer than 7 days. With our long term rentals, clients can utilize our vans for 30 days and more. Maintenance and service of the vehicles is our responsibility.

“With our Moitrack Fleet Unit, Moipone Fleet offers live vehicle tracking, vehicle odometer readings for service warnings, driver behavior monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery.

“Our vision is to maybe in a few years be able to fleet 50 cars and rent over 20 cars all at once.”