MoH clarifies Zimbabwe Covid-19 cases


By Neo Kolane

The Ministry of Health (MoH) through National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) has confirmed having received reports from its Zimbabwe counterpart that the country has recorded four COVID-19 imported from Lesotho.

This after the Zimbabwe MoH announced 62 new COVID-19 cases, including four imported from Lesotho.

Stating Lesotho’s position on the matter, International Health Regulations Manager in the MoH Lesotho, Khotso Mahomo said these are four females who were allegedly residing in Lesotho.


He confirmed having received this report from their counterparts in Zimbabwe but said there are predicaments regarding these cases.

Among others, Mahamo assured the Basotho nation that these four people do not appear on Zimbabwean nationals repatriation list from Lesotho to Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, he pointed out that tracing contacts is also worsened by the fact that upon registration in their country, they did not indicate names or contacts of people they met, even those they stayed with.

However, he was stated that the ministry will do everything in its power to follow up on these cases, and promised to give feedback to the nation at a later state.

This comes after WHO released its prediction indicating COVID-19 is not over yet and that countries of the world including Lesotho are yet to register more and more cases.

The MoH and NECC continue to appeal to Basotho to observe lifesaving protocol measures against COVID-19 such as wearing masks, observing social distancing and hand-sanitizing regularly.
Currently, the MoH Lesotho has reported 12 COVID-19, two of which are recoveries

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