Sixtus – the amazing nurse-turned artist


It so often happens that many Basotho youngsters struggle to find jobs after graduating from college, but Motlatsi Sixtus Nteko has refused to kowtow to this ‘normal’ and has found a new passion – art.

Nteko (25) of Ha Tsolo graduated as a midwife at Roma School of Nursing in September last year but has since ventured full-steam into fine arts. The self-taught artist has captivated art lovers wkith his work and is constantly looking to hone his skills.

Holding a brush or a pencil is always gratifying and gives me a renewed sense of direction; it is fulfilling. But his ultimate tools are focus, consistency and discipline.

Speaking to theReporter, Nteko said: “I am my own motivation. After graduating I was stressed up, I was being consumed by depression like many other graduates. However, unlike most, my determination was way up the roof and art became my peaceful, happy escape route.


“Art helped me take my mind off things. It helped me traverse the harsh realities and confusion of the world,” he enthused.

In retrospect, this midwife has always had a penchant for art. He actually started drawing at an early stage in his life – while studying. This subconscious love for art grew bigger and bigger, and manifested itself after completing his studies as a midwife.

Undergoing a heart surgery made him think he would one day become a cardiologist, but the kismet led him to nursing. Yet there was that lingering (art) void that was gaping, wanting to be filled. This way, he eventually came full circle and followed it like a novice clairvoyant obeying the ancestors’ calling.

This up and coming artist’s journey began when he started painting animation characters of one’s choice on people’s t-shirts and sweaters. He later started sketching portraits, before going into customizing sneakers and denim jackets, among other things. With every newly acquired skill, he would venture into something else, something different. His knack for learning and discovering grew as he ventured on this path.

Knowledge about his newly found love became a necessity, so he invested his time and money in finding all the art equipment he could afford, and started painting on everything.

“Everyone, including my mom, is baffled as to how a qualified nurse can choose art as a career. My mom thought I was crazy because I would paint her walls. Nobody understands why I do what I do, they don’t see what I see because I do it with love and a great passion, and I know that in the end it will all pay off.”

Motlatsi is living proof that ‘life is full of possibilities and behind every closed door may lie something incredible.’ One just needs to keep knocking tirelessly and, with little faith, the right door will be opened to them.