Govt announces new approach of selling diamonds


Mining minister Serialong Qoo has announced a new approach that is supported by the government between Mothae Mine and Lucapa Australia company of selling diamonds.

He said after discussions between government through ministry of mining and Lucapa Australia, the government has supported an improved way of selling diamonds.

“Basotho will remember that the mines have stopped working since lockdown, which was end of March. So according to the new approved agreement, the mine is preparing to start work between November and December.

“The improved agreement is that except selling diamonds through tendering, high quality diamonds should be sold already polished not rough. This new way will result in the mine increasing employment by 60 percent,” he said

He said Lucapa and Mothae Mine have been working together, but this is an improved method which will be transparent and benefit Basotho.

He further said they are hopeful that this will help the mining industry’s economy to go back to its normal state.


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