Mosa invests in hair


By Neo Kolane

As a natural hair enthusiast, 23-year old Mosa Gloria Ramoeletsi, a part-time content creator for natural hair and skincare, celebrates all things that encompass natural beauty and has launched a hair care company on August 10

A’Lora Hydra is the name of the hair care company and it is derived from ‘Mosa a ba le toro’ (Mosa had a dream). She says the company is her dream, and it is inspired by her love for natural hair and always it keeping hydrated. The product started sales on September 7.

Mosa believes in showcasing beauty in all natural forms and bringing out her most authentic self through her brand.

“Creating a hair care product and setting up my own company has been of mine for a long time. When I started my natural hair journey four years ago, the market did not have a lot of products that were specifically catering for natural hair. And the options that were available were not suitable for my hair,” she recounts.

She continued to say that it took a lot of trial and error to understand that natural hair is so diverse and what might work for another person’s hair type might not work for the next.

The natural hair enthusiast also stated that she decided to turn her passion project of content creation into a business that would help her reach out to spread love and care to all coils, curls and waves.

“Caring for hair is extremely important; hair is a form of expression. The way a person holds their head up when they walk into a room with beautiful coils and curls as a crown, there is no greater boost to one’s confidence.

“I believe as black women, we need to embrace our hair more and invest in it. I personally believe my hair is a depiction of my inner aura.

“The support I have been receiving has been amazing, from family, friends and the community of people I have interacted with on my social media platforms. The brand has been well received and I cannot wait for everyone to see what is up next for A’Lora Hydra,” she said.

Mosa mostly works alone on the creative side of the business, but she has hired an amazing seamstress who has helped bring her Bonnet Vision to life.


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