Mosotho Letśela is a Sethuamajoe


By Neo Kolane

Thato Mohapi, a musician, entrepreneur and mining engineer is the latest addition to the Tśepe Sethuamajoe line up, and he regards the move as more of an organic progression than anything else.

Tśepe Sethuamajoe is an art and culture movement formed in 2006 by the enigmatic and charismatic muso Kommanda Obbs of Maputsoe in Leribe. It is to a large extent influenced by the Pan African ideology, instilling confidence, a positive identity and a sense of purpose within the African personality. Members of the movement are typically referred to as D2AMAJOE, which conceptually means barrier breakers.

Thirty-two-year old Mohapi, who residing in Qacha’s Nek, says God has blessed him with many talents and one of them happens to be music. He says he is good at storytelling, coupled with a captivating ability to express emotions such as sorrow, love and happiness through music.


Mohapi told theReporter this week that he was introduced to the legendary Kommanda Obbs by a mutual friend at the start of the lockdown, when he was experimenting with music and had recorded a few hip hop tracks.

“We started talking about music and sharing eats. There was this particular beat that intrigued Kommanda Obbs and we then decided to experiment with it in studio. Then one thing led to another and like the cliché goes, the rest is history.

“Tśepe Sethuamajoe is a movement that I have always followed and admired. The Pan-African identity of the movement and its deep understanding of consciousness speaks to things that I have always subscribed to.

“I may be a new to the artist roster, but I have always considered myself to be a Sethuamajoe. This is because Tśepe is more than just the music as it’s also about the Sesotho culture, entertainment, fashion and everything artistic that represents Sesotho. This is some kind of homecoming, if you like,” said Mohapi who also manages an amazing female vocalist and songwriter called Mathabo.

Known by his stage name, Mosotho Letśela, Mohapi says he will contribute to the movement with all his being. 

“I am a representation of a modern village guy with a deep understanding of cosmopolitan culture. However, I am also deeply rooted in Sesotho culture and so my aim is to bridge the gap between popular hip hop culture and traditional Sesotho music.

“I am still new in the game. My first single called ‘Pelo ea ka’ featuring Kommanda Obbs and Mathabo comes out today (September 11 2020). I hope that the people of Africa will welcome me with open arms and appreciate the art. I am a son of the soil,” he concluded.

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