Molimo Nthuse celebrates 1st anniversary


Molimo Nthuse Lodge invites Basotho to join them in celebrating and wishing them their first anniversary under new management on Friday this week. The celebrations, which will run over three days, will be held at the lodge’s Maseru premises.

Established in the 1970’s, the lodge is situated in hea small village of Setibing, at the Molimo Nthuse Pass, on the way to Thaba Tseka.

The manager of the lodge, Angelina Lebelo, told theReporter that to celebrate this special day all meals ordered will come with a glass of wine/juice and a slice of their delicious birthday cake.

“To people who have booked in, all rooms will come with free dinner, breakfast, a welcome drink/juice and a slice of our delicious cake.”


Lebelo says, since the reopening of the lodge, they have seen a lot of local tourists.

“Looking at the trends illustrating how low domestic tourism is, we have seen otherwise because it has improved, and we have benefited from it because Molimo Nthuse is part of the history of Lesotho.”

The newly renovated facility boasts a restaurant and 15 rooms, with a stunning mountain view as well as a conference room.