‘Entrepreneurial Season’ kicks off


By Neo Kolane

Believe it or not. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is a radio show standing on 1, 001, 000 listeners in 160 countries and is aired every Saturday from 12-2pm on Sky Alpha HD. This makes it the biggest show in the country

The show’s host, Jeremiah ‘Skaftin’ Lebea joined SkyAlpha HD last year around in September and he tells theReporter that the name came about after they realized that the number of listeners was stuck in the 2000s.

Skaftin stated that the show started the entrepreneurial season on August 1. “It made sense that we adhere to the theme, putting in seeds in our line of work as well, and that we found we could achieve by having conversations with people who have been in their different fields for a while. This was good then for a new radio, digital to be specific.”


“People are still trying to wrap their heads around the whole idea, so the model we agreed to use with my team was simple. We package the show in a way one would when they build a brand, get the image right, and the name should be catchy. And lastly, use numbers available from different movements then direct them into listening to the show.

“If people love our content, it is only right that we make them aware of the new platforms we are presenting it.

The show is produced by Sehlabaka Rampeta, while Nkoanyana Pitso is the resident DJ who is also on graphics.

“The show has four segments: the introduction of the show and reading a question I had asked on social media, on Thursday or Friday called #ConversationsCorner.

“#SellYourTrade is where I host curators, creators, artists and entrepreneurs. We have a question and answer session about what they do. Then we breakdown their brand, from position, type of service they provide, its market and lastly the challenges and how they overcome them.

“The third segment is where Skaftin reads responses from #ConversationsCorner. The last segment is called ‘Go DJ’. This is where Nkoanayne plays or I play a mix created by someone locally, but that relates to the show. We play ambient music. Hopefully the Entrepreneurial Season will come to an end at the end of the year. Much as we may hold on to it until end of the year, we also have to transform if need be, along the way. This is how we will remain relevant; repetition, with openness to explore possibilities close to or in line with what we are already doing.”