‘Pay us our money’ – hotels tell govt


The Lesotho Hotels and Hospitals Association (LHHA) this week made a demand to the government of Lesotho to pay them for providing quarantine facilities for people who were from outside the country.

The association says hotels have provided their quarantine facilities for six months now and none of them have been paid despite countless promises by the government that they will get paid ‘soon’.

The LHHA’s president ‘Marethabile Sekhiba said they were given contracts in June and the agreement was that after seven days of submitting invoices every month they will get paid but that has never happened.

She explained that they too the matter up with Nacosec, but all it did was make empty promises.


She insisted that they just want to know when will they get paid, as the non-payment is negatively affecting their businesses; they cannot pay employees’ salaries and, to add insult to injury, government continues to send people to their facilities for quarantine.