‘Mokhosi’ trailer out


By Neo  Kolane

Tšepe Sethuamajoe has taken a different route and produced a Covid-19 awareness film titled ‘Mokhosi’ which is meant to sensitize people that it can affect anyone anytime.

Tśepe Sethuamajoe is an art and culture movement formed in 2006 by the enigmatic and charismatic muso Kommanda Obbs of Maputsoe in Leribe. It is to a large extent influenced by the Pan African ideology, instilling confidence, a positive identity and a sense of purpose within the African personality. Members of the movement are typically referred to as D2AMAJOE, which conceptually means barrier breakers.

Karabelo Ntooane, the casting manager and co-producer of the movie, told theReporter that they released a poster few weeks back and the trailer was released last week Monday.


“Tšepe Sethuamajoe is known for unearthing hidden talent. We find people and groom them. We decided to work with Mamello Mokhobatau who is a new girl in the industry.

“She has never acted before but through training she turned out to be really driven, with loads and loads potential,” Ntooane said.

“The Villain is played by Limpho Moheane and he’s our bad guy. The word “Mokhosi” means a cry for help, so we want help from our people to be one and successfully fight the pandemic.”

Ntooane explained that ‘Mokhosi’ is a story of a woman fighting for survival. She came all the way from South Africa where things didn’t turn out so well after her boss got retrenched.

“The boss had no money to pay her, so it was decided that she should go back home to avoid going back to the streets. She was told that she will get paid once the boss gets the money. She wasn’t able to cross the border because she had exceeded the limit of days she had to stay in SA.

“The message we are trying to portray is “listen”, beware of coronavirus; it kills, so make cleanliness and following the Covid-19 safety precautions a habit,” Ntooane told this publication

“Also make it a point not to break the law by traveling long distances and crossing the border illegally; this helps avoid unnecessary infections. We also wanted to show people that crossing the borders illegally (ho tṧela ka koena) is dangerous and risky,” Ntooane concluded.

The short film will be officially released on the 30th October.