Girls2Women in the pipeline


By Neo Kolane

Among its many projects, Khaya Holdings has birthed Girls2Women, an initiative that aims to safely guide girls cutting corners.

Girls2women is an inspirational, family social show that is going to allow girls to ask questions to various stakeholders, given that there are a lot of misconceptions around the transition from girlhood to womanhood.

It focuses on what happens around girls as they are graduating into being women.


A consultant at Khaya Holdings, Paul Luanga Banda, told theReporter that there are common pre-conceived notions that to get to a certain level in life a girl has to date a blesser, or have sex with a male superior to get promoted at work.

“We are trying to promote cultural education, and in terms of enlightenment when it comes to young girls, we want to promote entrepreneurship, so we will be bringing different guests,” Banda explained.

Banda continued to say that there will be CEO’s of companies that have been earmarked.

“We want to prepare these children to become women, how to work hard, and that they should know it does not mean they should sleep with men to get what they need,” Banda stated

“We will be changing girls in the show, they won’t be permanent guests, so people should apply and feature to be on the show, and the presenters will also be changing so that different girls will be able to ask different questions.

“The guests are not only going to be women, we will bring males like Ntate Matekane and other politicians to come explain how they got to be successful,” Banda said

Banda also stated that the guests will be inspirational, like police personnel because another focus of Girl2Women is going deeper into gender-based violence.

“There will also be babies where they will be asked different questions regarding old men and women treat them,” Banda said.

Khaya holdings has also produced edu-reloaded, step up, Palesa the movie and the documentary about Jonathan Leabuoa.

Khaya Productions does CSI movies, they have other movies lined-up and these touch on the subjects of early marriages, religion, crime and inheritance that may have a bearing on Lesotho. 

Girls 2 Women will be launched soon.


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