Artist raps through life experiences


By Neo Kolane

Maseru born artist Lemeke Oa Mochini has released a new album titled “Moshemane Oa Holibona”, which he regards as a product of hard work and sacrifice.

The artist whose real name is Kekeletso Mofoka, says he has been working on creative material since his days in primary school.

 He says whatever he is achieving now is the result of years of hard work and the achievement feels “like a cherry on top”.

The 27-year old versatile artist dabbles in pop music, hip-hop, Afropop, and Afro rap.


 His music is rooted in deep Sesotho content.

 Lemeke Oa Mochini says he started turning his poems into music around 2010 and made his first recording four years later.

The Sea-point born and raised artist told theReporter Newspaper that his album “Moshemane Oa Holibona” is a reflection of his experiences from childhood.

 “My mother died when I was six and that was the last time my little brother and I saw our dad … at our mother’s funeral,” recalls Lemeke Oa Mochini.

 He says that after the funeral things were never the same.

 Lemeke Oa Mochini says he became a rebellious child who would skip school.

 He said for a while he became a street kid until his relatives took him to his mother’s home town, Ha Mofoka.

 “I relate to being ‘Moshemane Oa Holibona’,” says the artist.

 He says moving to Ha-Mofoka saved his life.

 “This is an album for everyone … all moods and situations. Every song has a different topic and yes it is my first studio album,” reveals Lemeke Oa Mochini.

 He says the album is also a motivational piece of work.

 “It is very hard to make an album in Lesotho because everything is paid for, features and producers are paid with no guarantee that one will get their money back,” Lemeke Oa Mochini says.

 “However, I listened to mostly Papa Zee, Skebz D, and Kommanda Obbs simply because they perfected their craft in Sesotho which is what I do.”

 Lemeke Oa Mochini says the 15-track album, which was released on 26 September, was produced by prominent producers Taks Beats, uNejah, S Jizzle Beats, Kedon and Zinkz Dee.

 Moddow, Gee Flaggz, Thabo Marebole, Revelation, Dizzy Hop, Piigh and Mapule are also featured on the album.


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