Didi’s expo a huge success


By Neo Mathibe

Didi’s Collection, the brand that is making sleepwear look cool by taking it from the sheets to the streets, hosted a sip and shop pop up shopping event for women in business to showcase their brands and services last weekend at Shoeshoe Gardens in Maseru.

A number of brands were seen at the pop up showcasing their products and services, mostly homemade and retail-owned businesses.

“This event came as a way to uplift women in the business industry following the unprecedented depression and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses, especially small businesses,” Matṧepo Manaka, who goes by the nickname Didi, said


 Didi thought it wise to host this pop up because Covid-19 has affected a lot of businesses and it would help the ladies a lot in terms of provision to get back on their feet.

The event was targeted at promoting women in business who have established brands of all sorts, from luxury clothing to crafts. It was intended to combat the effects of Covid-19 on businesses. The event aimed to re-establish such said businesses in the market and replenish their income.

It is a need of the hour to save the people from the impact of Covid-19 and them losing their businesses thus needing to create a platform to create awareness for their brands. Among the companies that showed up at the pop up were Bella, a brand of sanitary pads made here in Lesotho.

Along with Bella was Moriri Queendom, a weave and wig brand making their own wigs. Moriri Premium Hair Queendom also makes sulphate-free products for weaves, which help maintain and protect the weaves. Their weaves are machine sawn by them, the founder explained. She added that they made the sulphate-free products in order to keep the weaves from damage.

One other brand was Bozo Designs, a company that designs ladies’ and men’s contemporary wear, from bridal wear, evening wear, traditional wear and accessories. In their accessories collection they have brooches, earings, belts and scarves.  Some of these accessories like the brooch compliment the Bozo designs wear.  The founder of Bozo designs emphasized how vital it is for women to start their own businesses and to have side hustles as this allows for the original business to find its ground.

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