Rappers support #BachaShutDown


By Kefiloe Kajane

#BachaShutDown has been trending charts this past week, and now celebrities have joined in to voice their support by producing a song ‘We will be fine’.

The song features rappers Kali Mokoena famously known as ‘Kali Mrepantsola’ and Thulo Monare who is famously known as “T-Mech’. The song is about the protest and the way police were shooting at the protesting youth.

In an interview with theReporter Newspaper, Mrepantsola said they were shocked at the manner in which Lesotho Mounted Police Service members shot and harassed the youth that were protesting for their rights.


He said the song is their way of showing the world that the youth of Lesotho is finally taking a stand and claiming their power back despite being ill-treated by the police.

Agreeing with his colleague, rapper ‘T-Mech’ said they have released a video of the song which features the scenes from the protest.

He indicated that with the song and the video which is now on YouTube, they want the world to see how powerful the youth of Lesotho are.

“It is sad that we as youth we were trying to do something good for our country but we were stopped by being shot at and had teargas thrown at us. We were not fighting; we were simply trying to help our parents (leaders) because we realise that they longer know what they are doing with this country.

“We all want a great Lesotho that will benefit us all, so why does fighting for that lead to us being shot at? As artists, we would not be where we are today only if the country was led by great leaders who worked on important things like the youth policy,” T-Mech said.

The song was released this week and has been trending on social media. The visuals of the song feature many artists mimicking the song and showing support to the #BachaShutDown initiative.

T-Mech fired a broadside at all the artists and people in the entertainment industry who did not support the protest, saying they should be the ones in the front lines.


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