LRA rent relief applications closing soon


By Neo Kolane

The Lesotho Revenue Authority’s (LRA) rent relief subsidy applications are open until January 15, which is this coming Friday.

In April 2020, the government of Lesotho made several pronouncements regarding relief measures intended to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 induced national lockdown.

The rent relief was among the measures promulgated to assist struggling businesses and LRA was tasked with a responsibility to administer the rent relief of the government.


The rent support/subsidy will cover a period of one month for commercial property tenants with lease businesses which were not operational during the national lockdown.

The guidelines for rent relief administered by the LRA on behalf of the government of Lesotho exclude residential property, commercial property occupied by tenants who were operational during national lockdown.

It also excludes tenants to LNDC, BEDCO, Maseru City Council and government property, as well as any other property owners not in the business of renting out commercial buildings.

The guidelines also state that while the rent relief is meant to assist businesses that are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; not all businesses will be eligible for the relief.

Only businesses with the following characters shall qualify: Tax compliant businesses, Small Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs); businesses registered with the ministry of trade or any competent authority, has a sub-lease agreement with property owner/manager not less than three months old; businesses that are up to date with their rental payments will also qualify,” the guidelines stipulate.