Home affairs partly open during lockdown


By Kefiloe Kajane

The minister of home affairs Motlalentoa Letsosa announced that his ministry be providing certain services during the lockdown, even on Saturdays, specifically issuance of death and birth certificates.

He said people applying for death certificates should produce a passport, the deceased’s passport or ID, a letter from the morgue and the chief’s letter. A death certificate will be out in three days.

Letsosa emphasized that they are not expecting people to be applying for passports since boarders are closed, but added passports will only be issued in emergency cases only.


People who fall in the emergency category are students/workers whose permits have expired, people who have proof from a doctor that they need to go to South Africa for medical reasons.

“The same people will also be allowed to cross the border. As for those who have a deceased relative in South Africa will be expected to produce a document that shows their relation to the deceased.”