Rapper inspired by greatness


By Neo Kolane

Hip-Hop artist Lu Srenk, known for his artistry, life released an Experimental Project (EP) titled ‘Bear in a dog house’ in November 2020, which has made him come out of his comfort zone.

The rapper, whose real name is Khethisa Victor Motsiba, stated that the name of the EP simply means that no matter what one does, they cannot stop greatness or sabotage what is great by making it feel uncomfortable.

Born August 11, 1999, Lu Srenk said that growing up, he listened to different artists and genres, but funny enough, he did not give much thought to hip hop.


“As I grew up, I learnt that hip-hop was my ideal sound because every song always had a message in it, and I also learnt how to lip-sync because I kept a song book,” he explained.

Lu Srenk, who refers himself as a music lover, continued to say that where there is comfort, there is less progress, in line with the wise words that say ‘a comfort zone is a good place, but nothing ever grows there’. 

Born and bred at Naleli, Berea, Lu Srenk also stated that one cannot put a bear in a dog house unless it is a cub because as the bear grows, it will eventually outgrow the house. 

“While working on the EP, I figured that I haven’t exactly come out of my comfort zone as far as my projects were concerned, so I decided to really step out of my comfort zone and the results came out done,” he stated.

He added that the reviews he has been getting are really amazing, especially from the radio stations that keep playing the EP.

“I am very much grateful for the love,” he told theReporter.

Lu Srenk is known for performing at different stages like ‘Keys to the city’, Art meets Art, The Come Up, The love letter and The Jungle Party, to name a few.