Online store partners with local businesses


By Neo Kolane

Qiloane e-Store has always preferred to partner with local businesses, since its launch in April last year, in order to give them mileage and help with their marketing.

Qiloane e-Store is an online shop selling groceries, liquor and food. It delivers them to people’s doorstep. It has a website, where the pictures food prices, weight and full names of the items are found.

The store lists products on its website, and clients can look up and add products they want to buy into their baskets, and check out but this is done before adding their details and placing an order.


However, Qiloane e-Store approached local supermarket called Enrich and sells their food on the website of the e-store.

The founder of Qiloane, Taeli Mofelehetsi, e-Store stated that they realized that people had complaints about parking and could easily opt for buying online.

Mofelehetsi explained to theReporter that shopping online is very convenient because it can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

“There is no pressure and no crowds, taking into account the need for social distancing during this time of a pandemic. Some people do not want to go to supermarkets during this time, and that helps.

“For now, we are still operating around Maseru and are planning to go to other districts in the near future. Qiloane e-Stores completely markets and sells local products because they want to grow the economy and create jobs; that will be done by promoting and selling local products.

“People are still skeptical while some are buying just because they have not gotten used to it but we are still helping some. We partnered with Enrich for now but in the long run we will partner with other shops in the country, from motor spares to restaurants. In as much as we started during the lockdown, we are planning to go far with this, and in the long run, we want to work with other shops and change our name to ‘Qiloane Market’, which will focus on a wide variety of local products and not just food,” Mofelehetsi said.

He added that he will employ two Basotho, one shopper and a driver.