Sekatle lays out Covid vaccine plan


By Neo Kolane

All logistics such as storage facilities are in place as the ministry of Health (MoH) gears up for the eagerly anticipated Covid-19 vaccine which is due to land on these shores in March.

This was mentioned by the minister of health, Semano Sekatle, who revealed that 1,415,115 Basotho are targeted to receive the vaccine.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Sekatle disclosed that three brands of vaccines which will be procured, namely Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Pfizer.


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is reported to be 66 percent effective; Pfizer 95 percent effective and AstraZeneca 62 percent effective.

Sekatle said three batches have been set out for roll out of the vaccines.

“The first batch of 430,115 people are those at the frontline such as healthcare workers, police officers, journalists, prison workers and inmates, students as well as teachers.

“They will be followed by 304,000 with chronic conditions, like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease and asthma, among others.

“The third and final batch are those not included in the first two categories, but who are aged 16 and above. Those aged below 16 will not receive the vaccine,” Sekatle said.