FNB intervenes in food crisis


By Staff Reporter

FNB Lesotho has partnered with World Vision in donating food parcels to the Motimposo community in Maseru, as part of its response to the alarming death rate in the area triggered by Covid-19.

In a statement issued on Thursday, FNB said it understands the difficult situation many families are facing due to the nationwide lockdown, which has seen many businesses shutting down, leaving a lot of families vulnerable and uncertain as to where their next meal will come from.

“With our #RealHelp sub-slogan that was created from February 2020, the bank has been finding ways to assist where possible, by responding to dire needs identified by stats guided by World Vision.


“With the help of World Vision, FNB donated food parcels in Maseru as it is currently the most affected district from Covid-19 infections; the bank will continue to assist other affected districts as an ongoing project. About 200 families identified as beneficiaries by World Vision were assisted with food parcels.”

The pfoject took off In December 2020 in Mokhotlong and Mafeteng (Matelile), respectively, as the two districts were badly affected by the pandemic. Over 200 families received food parcels just before Christmas. In total FNB has assisted about 450 families since December 2020.

“FNB believes in extending a helping hand  to assist communities in dire situations during this pandemic, and responding to urgent country needs. Part of the project entails providing seeds to encourage beneficiaries to grow their own food for continuous  and future use” said FNB CEO Delekazi Mokebe.