Model launches TV show


By Neo Kolane

Lesotho Fashion Week 2020 backstage presenter, Tśepang Teba has announced he is reinventing himself by launching a TV show.

Tśepang who has scooped the King Globe International Lesotho 2020 award, hails from Teyateyaneng. He has been featured on billboards and is now going to try his hand at being the brains behind a TV show.

He launched his own TV show called the Front Row TV on Friday, which is meant to inspire people in various sectors such as business, entrepreneurship and entertainment.


The Front Row show was founded in October 2020 and production of the first episode was shot on 18 October 2020,

The purpose of the show is to inform, inspire and give the audience the Front Row seat in the journey of trailblazers in different career paths.

The 26-year old creative genius believes that in this era of COVID-19, the best way to reach the audience is through the digital platform, hence the idea of a TV show.

It is reported that the show is composed of eight young Basotho crew members that work together towards a common, namely, bringing the show to life.

He already has a good few years of experience in the showbiz under his belt, and he felt he needed to do more out of his comfort zone.

Tśepang feels he knows best what works and what doesn’t, and he reckons more entrepreneurs will be more willing to trust him with their careers and assist the up-and-coming ones.

Tśepang told theReporter that individuals often feel like achieving a certain dream is the end, whereas realistically they don’t know of the first step that a certain game changer or trailblazer might have taken to be where they are.

“The Front Row TV show brings you that conversation by realistically going to the field (their work area) to cover what they do at their work area. The show is educational; it will follow the lives of a game changer. What will transpire is that the host will interview people on how they started and how they got to where they are.

“What is different from other talk shows is that we go to the field and see what specific people who we refer to as ‘mentors’ do on a day to day basis. In each episode, we will introduce the topic of the episode and the guest(s). There will be field coverage of the career in focus, and a studio session of the guests on a conversational platform, as well as a close-off with a mentorship advice for the audience guests of the episode,” Tśepang.

For the TV project, Front Row has teamed up with DSTV Pere for their indoor studio.

Tśepang describes a successful person as someone who is prominent; one that clicks when a particular career field is talked about.

The show targets all age groups as an insightful career guidance for the young audience who aspire to pursue a certain career that might be covered in the episodes.

The middle-aged group will also be at an advantage as they will learn how to start a business and what it entails, with the field coverage of such a career. And lastly, the upper-age group will learn how to start or grow a similar career or just for information sake.

In addition to live broadcasts and online showings, the show will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.