RCoL to be launched


By Neo Kolane

Lesotho will be part of the Lesotho Regional Centre of Leadership (RCoL), an agricultural productivity programme basing itself on the horticultural based farming systems on April 9.

The main objective of the Lesotho Regional Centre of Leadership is to develop plant materials of high economic value, which exhibit desirable traits and also promote technology transfer through strengthening of institutional linkages both locally and regionally.

The Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA) is a major project supported by the World Bank which seeks to promote a regional approach to agriculture technology generation and dissemination by supporting the strengthening and scaling up of regional centers of research leadership on commodities of regional importance.


For a country in the Southern Africa region to participate in the APPSA programme, it has to commit to develop one of its agricultural research centres into a RCoL for an agreed priority commodity.