Following metal passion


By Kefiloe Kajane

Taking a gap year from his studies gave Tumelo Phenya, owner of Phenya Metal Works, an opportunity to pursue his passion of creating metal products and turn it into a business venture.

Phenya Metal Works specialises in making metal gates, coal stoves – which the company installs – fruit drying machines and also provides repair services.

Phenya, who was studying accounting at the Centre for Accounting Studies, said he always knew he was creative but rather wanted to choose a ‘stable and paying’ career when he opted to study accounting.


He said during his gap year from his studies, he helped a friend who owned a welding workshop where he would work as an assistant to his mentor.

He said with time he realised that he wanted to know more and the friend told him about Thaba-Tseka Technical Institute where he studied. for two years.

“While I was still in school, I was already getting part time works and I was already making money. I can say I knew that I loved working with my hands.

“It was really important to me to realise my passion. I would still want to go back to the centre to complete my studies in accounting. It is important that I finish what I started,” he explained.

He said starting his business was not easy due to lack of enough capital. Fortunately, the support he got from those who lined up for his services saw his business growing. prosper.

 “I want to venture more in to producing fruit dryer machines because I have realised that it is not many people who produce dried fruits in the country by using those machines. I want us to be able to produce more products in the country,” he noted.

Phenya Metal works is situated at Khubetsoana next to Capital Motors and can also be assessed on  Facebook page as ‘Metal works’.