Rapper to host cypher battle


By Neo Kolane

The countdown has begun and rapper RoboCop will be hosting the finale of the rap battle sessions with a cypher tomorrow.

Robo Battle Sessions was launched on April 18 and had their first battle sessions on May 1 with the aim of assisting rap artists with the aim to raise some income within the entertainment industry.

The battle sessions started on Facebook but the finale which is the cypher will be virtual.


The first rapper discovered was Ching Chila and he got a free studio, recording a track featuring RoboCop.

The six winners will get a free studio session with a free beat on the cypher that’s going to be video shot by Illuxion entertainment.

RoboCop founder, Sello Molibeli stated that they are planning to give the artist exposure because “we really cannot give them anything else.”

He briefly explained: “We are not benefiting anything from it because it is all free and it just done out of good will.”

“Our rules are simple, two rounds and four clean bars and punctuality. If one breaks any of these rules he is disqualified at the spot. An artist is given seven minutes to respond to his opponent and any delay in doing so leads to disqualification.”

K-Deezy will be going up against Levitater while K more Kim is set to battle it out with Tsutsumane.

 Molibel said his ambition was to reach out to upcoming and struggling rappers in order to open space for them to feature more in the industry.

Well-known artists such as rappers and vocalists are to grace the event as part of grooming new entrants in entertainment.

Robocop observed that most of the upcoming artists are already showing signs of great talent, thus requiring support.

He said only those who demonstrate impressive flow patterns, confidence and punchlines are set to win.

The Lesotho rapper is working with Illuxion entertainment on the visuals while Shev Shengu will cover the studio recordings as well as the beats.