Song receives int’l acclaim


By Neo Kolane

A local track song which was released on July 5 2021 for worldwide consumption titled ‘Ten Over Ten’ has made international strides.

The musician behind the song Fusi Maoeng said that a video was sent to him from New York Times Square as a group of guys were cruising through the busy street jamming to it.

The song features DJ TenOver10.


Known by his stage name, King Kris LSO ironically said this is not the first collaboration him and DJ TenOver10 worked on.

“In a sense, yes, the name of the song was inspired by him as some sort of tribute, but also influenced by the story behind the song. The song recaps a fleet of how my life started off as a child to where it is now

The first lines of the song are; “I’m just living in the moment, at the moment I have nothing but I am counting all my blessings. Yes, I am grateful for my losses”

King Kros LSO told theReporter that it serves to show the journey he has embarked on together with TenOver10; that regardless of the hurdles they embrace them because “the tunnel is more visional.”

Hailing from St. Monica, in the Leribe district, Kris Kros LSO said that he believes the honesty in the song is what is catching people’s attention.

Adding that the flow pattern and delivery it also sets out a relatable content that makes people identify with it.

 “But I also believe that as time goes on and looking at the geographical statistics of our reach, our music has been gradually accepted by the global market. It only gets better from here,” he said.

The fourth year student at the National University of Lesotho said that the response from TenOver10 was sheer excitement and motivation! 

“I was ecstatic. Yes, these are things we have since been manifesting since day one, but if you told me three years ago that one day a group of people would be playing records produced by me at New York Times Square, I would never have believed you.

“In a nutshell we took it as a motivation. This serves to show that we are in the right track. Now we need to work even harder to keep the momentum going and flying the Lesotho flag high,” he said.

However, the youth activist is an award winning artist, having won Best Hustler of the year at this year’s Lesmusic awards. He was also nominated under Best International feature category.

He said that this was in recognition of the work he had been putting both in music and outside the industry for the general public.

King Kros LSO is currently being mentored by one of the biggest rap acts in South Africa, Pdot O.

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