Mathe ventures into weaving


By Kefiloe Kajane

A resident of Ha Abia in Maseru, Lejone Mathe, is earning his living by making household furniture and baskets with reed.

In an interview with theReporter this week Mathe said he was taught how to weave by his Zimbabwean friend who is also his business partner.

He added that he started his business five years ago and was motivated by his love for innovativeness.  


Mathe explained that from a young age every time he would create something and people would commend him for his talent.

“I get the reed from Durban, South Africa because it is not available in Lesotho. I have heard people saying it can be planted in the country. It is not expensive to but the reed from South Africa. But transportation of the raw material is expensive.

 “I do wish that it was easily accessible because it would mean giving many people opportunities to create their own things. I believe that through weaving, many people can have jobs to sustain their families like I am doing,” he said.

He also said that his business is doing well but it still has a room to improve. He believes that the location he sells from is not exposing him to the right market. He regarded that the fact that he is not familiar with social media limits his business from growing. He said he was not so exposed to a large market as potential “buyers do nt see my products.”.

“When many people pass here, they always ask me if I have any social media platform where they can go view my products. To me that means I am creating likeable products but I need to have a platform where people can see them,” he said.

Since starting the small business he has been able to fend for his family. His wish is to expand the trade and bays for a bigger space for storage and display of the items.

His ambition is to employ some people and teach them to weave.

Mathe can be found at Katlehong, opposite Katlehong car wash and on the number 57330226.