‘Emisang’ on GBV

Kot Inferno and Lemekoane

By Neo Kolane

With an ever-rising number of women in Lesotho losing their lives at the hands of men, a song titled ‘Emisang’ featuring Kot Inferno, Lemekoane and Tsebo Phakisi comes at the right time.

The Hub explained that ‘Emisang’ is a poetic call for all Basotho to stand up to reverse the status quo of widespread gender based violence and breathe the new meaning into “Khotso, Pula, Nala’ (peace, rain and prosperity) by creating a Lesotho where men and women live in equality, peace and mutual respect.

The Hub is a creative technology lab that seeks to take a creative, collaborative and participatory approach to raising awareness and seeking solutions on social issues.


Speaking with theReporter, rapper Kot Inferno who also features on the song said that people needed to stand together and against violence.

“It is not just physical abuse, there is emotional and mental and they are all equal.

“Women are suffering a lot and it is passed down to children. When children grow up in a violent environment, they inherit it and later pass it on to their friends.

Kot Inferno disclosed that she lives in Khubetsoana Le-Coop and has had a chance to witness gender based violence. For that he is thirsting to tramp on the behaviour.

The 28-year-old explains that something needs to be done that portrays women as warriors in the song in the midst of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic and the many deaths it caused.

The songs runs: “Ke hopola ngoahola, ke sena le sente, ke sesa le masiu, ke tsoma ntho e ntle, hara fefo sa Corona ho sena liente, mafu a tota ka motseng ho hlongoa litente, kare hela mosali o tsoetsoe o le mohale, keletso tsa hau ke lebone, u khanya le lichabeng…”

The Hub aims the song will spark positive debates to bring an end to gender based violence and femicide in Lesotho.

Lemekoane recorded the song. He also features on the track while Taks-beats produced it. It was shot by Sehlabaka Rampeta in collaboration with The Hub.

It was sponsored by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and Glasswaters Foundation.