Naleli’s star shines in Africa

Naleli Ismail cruises into top 10

By Neo Kolane

Seventeen-year old Naleli Ismail who hails from Khubetsoana has made it to the top 10 of the Vijona Africa Comic Art contest 2021 for the love of comic art.

Vijona Africa is a charitable organisation that aims to engage seven to 17-year-olds Africans to help unlock and maximize their potential in arts.

Naleli sat down and engaged with theReporter stating that it all started as a hobby. Later, she built a great interest in comic craft and created MarvelDC.


The charismatic lady disclosed that the interest broadened the spectrum for her love of comic and has since dwelled into web comics as well.

She has been involved in comic art for two years after being engaged in Manga comics that originates from Japan.

She has read volumes of literature on arts resulting in increased interest in the craft.

“I think being part of the contest meant a lot to me. Initially, I did not think much of it as I regarded it to be just a little contest. But I decided to contest after realising it was a huge deal to be part of.

“I thought there was no way I could not compete in that creativity for the Africans,” Naleli said.

For her to feature in the top 10 was a huge bonus which she claimed saw being near the overall winner.

“In my artistic journey, animation and comic are my favourite aspects of art because they tell stories in an entertaining way,” she explained.

The resourceful Naleli describes comic as a way of telling a story or stories with pictures and word of mouth.

She solidly believes such is the way of telling life stories in a manner of interacting with the readers.