Overflow at Katse Dam


By Poloko Mokhele

The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) has warned the communities near the Katse Dam that the dam will overflow at a high rate into the Malibamatŝo river on Saturday December 4.

In a notice issued today to area chiefs at the Katse Dam area, the Authority indicated that “due to operations being conducted at the dam of opening the flow of water to nearby rivers and recent heavy rainfalls there will be a high rate of overflow which will increase the Malibamatŝo river overflow.”

The overflow will start at 8:00am on Saturday to 4:00pm on Sunday. LHDA also warned nearby residents to be vigilant and keep away from the Katse Dam, Malibamatŝo and Senqu rivers. According to reports from the Authority, the Katse Dam today (Monday) is currently 71.46 percent full.


Meanwhile, the Metolong Dam in Thaba-Bosiu also began overflowing today, with the Disaster Management Authority stating that the dam is anticipated to overflow this week.