Nedbank Lesotho introduces competition

Nedbank’s head of communications and marketing Sekonyela Matamane

By Neo Kolane

Financial services provider Nedbank Lesotho is giving its customers an opportunity to win big through a competition called ‘Nedbank Hapa Feela’.

Nedbank Lesotho is presenting an opportunity to its current and prospective customers to win prizes on a weekly basis, in the easiest ways while enjoying banking services.

In an interview with theReporter this week, the head of marketing and communication at Nedbank Lesotho, Sekonyela Matamane, said with this campaign, Nedbank Lesotho aims to give its customers something to look forward to.


Matamane explained value of positive news cannot be overstated in the current times as the bank is hoping to put smiles on the faces of its customers, and to share some happy moments as they continue to enjoy digital services offered at the bank.

Matamane revealed that Nedbank Lesotho customers have access to a plethora of services to enjoy on any given day, with convenience being the top focus.

He said the campaign will be based on services consumed on the leading Retail Mobile Banking App as per the 2022 Global Banking and Finance Awards.

“Our Nedbank Money (Africa) app affords customers the flexibility to, among many services, sending money to any Lesotho mobile numbers, or to buy some essentials like airtime and electricity effortlessly.

“We also have POS machines at many retail outlets, be it supermarkets, fuelling stations and many other businesses.

“The POS machines allow our customers to tap their debit or credit cards to pay securely and without having to lose contact with their cards,” he disclosed.

Matamane says card swiping remains a preference for some of the clients which also remains available.

He emphasized that the three services defined in this section are essentially the only things that Nedbank Lesotho customers will be required to do effectively in order to continue enjoying the convenience of the digital banking services

He disclosed that the customers who do any of those will stand a chance to be selected in a weekly random draw.

He revealed that Nedbank Lesotho customers are eligible for the competition, clarifying that all Basotho who are not excluded by the general competition rules, would have a chance to win.

“As random selection norms go, the higher the frequency of qualifying activity one does, the greater their winning chances. So on a weekly basis, we will be drawing and publishing our lucky winners.

“The main trick is to be a Nedbank Lesotho customer, and then to do any of the three entry steps,” Matamane stressed.

Full competition rules can be seen on