Supporters’ Funeral Scheme launched


By Seleoe Nonyane

With the aim of reinforcing relations with football clubs, Metropolitan Lesotho launched a Supporters’ Funeral Scheme on Friday.

The insurance company has partnered with four football clubs namely, Lijabatho, Liphakoe, Manonyane and Swallows on the Supporters Funeral Scheme.

Supporters will get covered from as little as M25 whereby each M5 will go towards the specific team.


The maximum cover amounts to M15 000.
The Head of Life Business for Metropolitan Lesotho Seenyane Nthejane said Metropolitan Lesotho was already sponsoring the clubs with soccer kits. They were urged to come up with a well thought out plan that would benefit the teams substantially.

Nthejane explained that this is a pilot project of three years.

“To enjoy commitment we will have a kit sponsorship for three years. The first year each team will receive a sponsorship money amounting to M50 000, the second year the insurance company will inject M65 000 and the third year will be M75 000.

“Then after the three years it will be reviewed because our collaboration is sort of forever,” he indicated.

He further indicated that this partnership is also aimed at creating employment for the football teams.

For his part, local Broker Consultant for Metropolitan Nyakallo Mokhele said a team of representatives who will be sales agents have already received training.

Payments can be done in four forms. That is, by cash, m-pesa or ecocash, stop order and debit order.