Govt capitulates

Minister of communications science and technology Tṧoinyane Rapapa

By ‘Majirata Latela

Government spokesperson, Tṧoinyane Rapapa today told the media that the government of Lesotho has accepted that it has lost the appeal case to journalist Kananelo Boloetse and deputy chairperson of law society, Lintle Tuke.

The Court of Appeal on Monday upheld the High Court’s ruling that the Recall of the Tenth Parliament Notice in terms of which the dissolved parliament was recalled to pass two Bills was beyond the powers of the King; in addition, the recalled parliament had no constitutional authority to debate and pass the two Bills.

Rapapa told the media that due to the outcome of the appeal, all law that were already gazetted after being passed by the recalled parliament are considered null and void. He therefore said the laws will not be enforced.


He said there is nothing that the government can do at this point but to wait for the next parliament which will be sworn in in less than a month from now to work on the Bills that fell off when parliament was resolved.