Children exposed to business world

Children at the previous Kids in Business event

By Neo Kolane

Non-profit making organisation Little Feet Foundation through its Kids in Business initiative will be exposing children aged 4-14 to the entrepreneurial world on September 24.

Little Feet Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the primary aim of providing psychological services to children who are residing in various childcare facilities and orphanages in Lesotho.

Founded in 2014, the foundation identifies and uses the services of clinical psychologist, physiotherapists and psychiatrists to offer comprehensive psychological support to children.


Kids in Business is a Little Feet Foundation initiative aimed at equipping children with entrepreneurial skills from a young age.

The initiative is also aimed at igniting financial literacy in children by teaching them the vital habits and behaviours of successfully managing money efficiently for growth and financial prosperity

The operations manager at Little Feet Foundation, Khotso Molapo, explained that the success of the initiative will give rise to a generation of bright leaders who will steer the country and communities to a prosperous economic future.

Molapo disclosed that it all starts with a business market where the young entrepreneurs showcase their very own businesses.

“These are businesses created and launched by children, creating market days that truly brighten communities and an experience the children will never forget.

“Children who participate in three consecutive days will be eligible for Kids in Business Awards that will be held in October 2022.

“At the business market, they are taught how to interact with customers and explain what kind of products they are offering” he said.

He disclosed that the inspiration comes from the love of the country noting that the country is in a distressing economic condition with high unemployment taking the toll.

 “Many young people who have graduated from school but sitting home for years without unemployment hence thinking it would be great if there are more entrepreneurs in the country.

“By training children up to have that mind-set of creating jobs as opposed to waiting to be hired by the government or big corporates.

“The Kids in Business targets children from the ages of four to 14 because from the age of four, children are very receptive and whatever they learn during that period sticks with them for the rest of their lives.

“By teaching them these principles from these young age, they are better equipped than most of people who have not been exposed to such initiatives in entrepreneurship.

“Having learnt these things from that age equips them to be better and more successful business people who can transform the economy of Lesotho radically,” Molapo explained.

Children will mostly be interested in products that they like such as candy and toes. Others will be those whose parents run businesses and are coached by them how to manage the entrepreneur.

The initiative expects 20 who are to bring an array of products.

Molapo said that there are awards aimed to celebrate and recognise children’s effort in participating in Kids in Business and sponsors who enrich this vibrant and dynamic initiative in Lesotho.

He revealed that kids will obtain Kids in Business participation certificate but the special awards will be based on best designed stall, highest sales volumes, original product, creative product, most exciting sales persons and most improved stall.

“Unlike some business awards, our winners are not determined based on public votes, our finalists are shortlisted, and then final winners are chosen by a panel of judges who are all experts in their fields.

“Our diverse judging panel brings a variety of valuable experience to the table,” Molapo explained.