Standard Lesotho bank CE dies


By Kefiloe Kajane

Standard Lesotho Bank yesterday announced the passing of Chief Executive Kenrick Cockerill who died after a short illness.

In a statement, the bank said Cockerill succumbed to illness on 20 October and was laid to rest four days later in Durban South Africa.

Cockerill was only 56 years old when he died.

“His death comes as a great loss for the bank, staff, and banking industry as they were looking up to him to improve the experience of banking across all points of Standard Lesotho bank,” said the statement.

“The board, management, and staff of the bank convey their heartfelt condolences to his family.”

The bank said while plans were already underway to find a substantive chief executive, the board had appointed Thabiso Tseki to act in that capacity