Sunny disposition


By Kabelo Mollo

I feel like I complain a lot. Like I spend the bulk of my time being displeased by one service provider or another, calling them out on social media or on my show, or writing columns that leave me disillusioned when I go back over them.

It feels a bit like we’re in purgatory with an incompetent government and a non-existent service industry. Between all of that and our daily Covid related reality I’m finding it all too difficult to be perky. Mind you I’m a guy with a generally very sunny disposition.  The glass is definitely half full, and if life throws me lemons, please believe I’m cutting them up, getting some salt and doing tequila shots, but of late I seem to have run out of tequila.

A couple of cool things happened though. Last week my team at Sky Alpha HD held a marketing and sales symposium. It was an opportunity for us to learn and introspect while also ventilating any issues we might have had. It was an insightful session and while some of the engagements were robust in nature I think everyone left in a better place than where they arrived.


 I was a little discouraged after the session as I wasn’t sure we were hitting the right notes in terms of audience appeal. I’m still not sure we are, and while on Friday I saw that as a failure, today I see it as an opportunity.  My principal at Sky Alpha HD is a seasoned broadcaster and manager, Dallas Tee is such a great sounding board that after our interactions I generally am ready to take on the world…

That said, it’s high time the Sky Alpha HD gospel be spread across the length & breadth of the globe, starting with Moshoeshoe’s Kingdom. If you aren’t already, tune in to Sky Alpha HD at any point of the day. Enjoy some cerebral conversation and top tunes. At the next seminar, hopefully we will discuss the deluge of new business we have acquired and how to keep everybody happy!

Another great thing happened. I joined the Sankatana fortified yoghurt team to try assist in growing the brands presence on digital media. In doing this I began to learn a lot more about the product. My knowledge, or comprehension of science is unbelievably limited. To say I have no firm grasp of even basic scientific theorem is to overstate the matter, but even I can say that Sankatana’s scientific background passes muster.

It is evident that the developers at Liselo Labs have stumbled upon the closest thing to a “cure” to this scourge as can be. I know, that sounds absurd! How can something so major have been discovered between Hilton and Lesotho? Yet when you look at the overwhelming positive feedback from people who have recovered from Covid after taking the yoghurt, it’s difficult to think of this as anything other than that.

I have been so proud to tell people about it because to me it really signifies the brilliance of who are as a people. Not only are the developers of the business people I know, they are also patriotic Basotho who actually heeded the call to come fight off the beast that was Covid. They said “Kholumolumo ha e n’o qeta chaba sena sa Motlotlehi re le teng!” And they meant it. Between the yoghurt and syrup, they have developed, they really are going to defeat this thing, one case at a time.

Finding good news to talk and tweet about is going to be a project I give myself. There’s too much negativity in the world for me to be adding more to it. My wife says there’s nothing wrong with knowing what I want and demanding it. I don’t disagree with her (I haven’t even been married a year yet) but I also know how one can suddenly become a drain on peoples psyche with the constant negativity. Nobody likes a wet blanket.

While I’m saluting excellence, I must pay tribute to Prof. Mosotho George and his team who have come to the end of their television run. For those unaware Prof George was the host of the brilliantly informative series titled “Tsa Mahlale”. A programme which featured a number of scientific developments by Basotho for Basotho. I was always a secret admirer of the show but now that it’s no longer on a rival network I can give it the necessary applause. We need more of that kind of content in this country.

There are a host of young people doing some wonderfully innovative things in terms of content creation and design. I am very much looking forward to seeing them on international platforms so I can wax lyrical about them, rather than harping on about a dysfunctional government and a stiff private sector!

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