Easy Fire introduces fire bites


By Neo Kolane

Bokang Monyamane, 30, decided to go for the environment-friendly way when he founded Easy Fire in November 2021, a small business inspired by industry, ecology and society combined.

Easy Fire is mainly focusing on manufacturing and sales of high-quality fire bites through carbon footprint using organic method.

The Easy Fire bites are mainly used to burn charcoal and wood for the sole purposes of braai and household fire place. Braai is the social centrepiece of an entertainment in most cases.


Fire bites are a product of Easy Fire (Pty) Ltd which are made from sustainable sources of material. The bites are free from toxicity giving consumers a clean-burning experience without unpleasant toxic chemical fumes.

Fire bites are the first Lesotho and African products made by an African. The initiative is a breakthrough that uses carbon footprints that are environmentally friendly and adheres to the sustainable development goals of keeping the planet carbon-free.

Fire bites are fine starters that are made in a dome shape that provide a longer burning experience than the standard industry products of their size with an average burning time of seven to eight minutes. They can burn for about ten to fifteen minutes with a circumference of 6mm and a height of 2.1mm

In an interview with theReporter, the Morija-based young lad said the main objective of Easy Fire manufacturing and sales is to be the market leader in the production and sales of fire bites in Southern Africa. It is planned to create value for shareholders, generate income and offer employment opportunities for ordinary citizens.

Monyamane, who is also an architecture lecturer, is also eager to improve the quality of the product through innovative and creative methods using friendly carbon footprints.

“Our local point as a start-up business will be to enhance our value chain business activities by influencing and building allies with key industry players across the transport, agriculture and financial services sectors while also improving internal processes that are robust and are responsive to any external business force,” he said.

The business was inspired by observing that fire bites are premised on the mission of a better alternative to the petroleum-based fire starters.

For him the idea came upon realising the growing use of toxic substances in households.

He also revealed that Easy Fire was also inspired by a grandmother who taught her grandson about boy scouting and gave rise to creating fire bites.

Monyamane remarked that the current market products are petroleum-based. He realised that such products were not friendly to the environment.

“It is also biodegradable whose ash can be re-used as manure to further fertilize the soil for crops. It is also an odourless product that is not harmful to animals and children and a zero carbon footprint.

“Although, relatively new in the market, the existing two competitors in South Africa encourage us that our product is of high quality and can stand among the best brands that are eco-friendly and are not petroleum-based products due to its features that are harmless and odourless in the market,” Monyamane suggested.

The business is located in Morija. Monyamane can be contacted on 59722031